Monday, September 05, 2005

Amble By

Since you seemed to like the Parson story
and weird style, I whupped up another --
bit more serious though ...


Parson Cider

Squire Hawkin's (his rightful name -- don't mean nuthin')
figured he'd been toein' the cider long enough,
and reeled in the crock'ry bottle (bubble tube tied off)
whated been a bobbin' in the stream a spell.
Now I don't hold that proper cider (never had no other)
has to be cold for appreciation,
but then mine never seems to spark (warmin' the soul sure)
the fine conversation comes from
sippin' the Squire's precious dew. (steals the apples at new moon)

"How ya be, this shade sittin' afternoon?" (we all jumps surprised)
says the Parson leanin' 'gainst a curvy pine. (favorin' his slippin' knee)
He just appears like that, frequent passin' --
kinda puts some folk off, but I just chuckles. (nuthin' to hide this day)

"Lordy, Parson," coughed out Will Barlow. (tryin' not to swallow)
"Ya might have whistled up the ridge fer warnin'"

"If I'd a done, you might have drunk this gone." (holdin' out his crooked finger)
"Picked me a mess o' thimble berries to share --
wouldn' taste right with a dusty throat." (tosses off a fair dig)
"The 'Good Book' doesn't say a lick 'bout cider anyhow"

"We'd just been talkin' 'bout some scripture,"
offers Tommy Lee. (we all eye the Parson)
"'bout how you don't quote chapters, 'n all,
like old Rev'rend did to distraction."

Parson didn't say nuthin' as was munchin'
on some slab bread and sausage we'd put out
to match his berries. (with water fresh in a tin cup)
When the chillin' jug circled his way
he just rubbed it on his neck and sighed. (shirt off like us)

"Yeh, how come, Parson --
seein' it be God's truth and all. People kinda
expect you ta refresh their mind a bit." (surprise -- Loddy hardly talks at all)

"Well, there's truth and there's believing --
not the same think a'tall." (nobody touches the jug)
"There is truth in the runnin' stream there,
and in many words writ down,
and in youngin's questions and old widow yarns."
(Even the jays were silent)
"Many good things can come from this truth,
or harm can come from each of these.
How you choose to act is a matter
of what you believe -- who you trust." (the waterfall had never been louder)

"The messages in the Bible are a
way to help you make choices,
and they are as true as your actions
will support and help others." (strange fer a preacher!)

"If I were to spout scripture to you,
I would be telling you what to do,
rather than assisting you in choosing."
(that's right friendly)

"That Jesus fellow -- he asked questions
and told stories. Recon that's good enough
for me. 'Course I read and pray every night.
(Tommy raised his hand -- strange polite)
"Guess if I trust you, Parson --
I mean spiritual like --
then I'll believe you no matter
what words you use --" (Lotty just jumped right in)

"and if you didn't act right --
I mean -- what I'd like to be,
then thar be no reason to believe ya."
(Parson -- he just smile)

Squire chased after their barefoot friend.
"Thought maybe you'd take the last of this cider.
(I perked up to listen)
"Give it to Willie down the hollow.
His rheumatis don't let him climb up here of late."

"Funny fella, that Parson --
what with a jug hanging from one shoulder
and his boots dangling free from t'other,
he done forgot his cane." (not sure who spoke up)

"Just means he'll be back by,"
I ventured.

"I trust he will."


At 8:20 PM, Blogger Gail Kavanagh said...

Faucon, I love these vignettes - they taste of the country, they crackle with life and I can see and hear all of these people. More, please.

At 5:32 PM, Blogger Believer said...

I agree, Gail. Love it when characters come to life. I'm tempted to copy them for my own pastor, if you say ok.

At 5:57 PM, Blogger faucon of Sakin'el said...

sho nuff

At 8:26 PM, Blogger Believer said...

Thank you. :-)


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