Friday, October 07, 2005

I will stand beside you

I have had a hard time getting to the Gypsy Camp,and in a fit of desperation I sent a Raven I know to knock on the door of the Enchantress and bid her come to my aid to sort me out. She was here in no time and after a biscuit and cheese and a cuppa she got down to sort out the problem in my communication with you all, and I must thank her as I know her time is full up with all of us..

I so wanted to stand with Megan and hold her hand in giving thanks for the life of her Mother,as one who has been through this time of grieving.... As time passes we remember our Mother in many ways that were not as obvious to us during our own growing up to maturity.... Their wisdom was born out of a life lived in different times for women, and this is for us often to think of.They paved the way in many of the changes we benefit from today..

We will all understand as women that the role of a Mother is one of the most least understood as not only one of the greatest in variation and one we can only to to the best with the times we live in,the knowledge we have ,and the best will in the world to do it well... there is no handbook......

Lois (Muse of the Sea) 6-10-05


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