Friday, October 21, 2005

Pegasus Saga (2)

This adventure will now be moved to
the NIGHT RIDING blog where the
gifted flights will take place.

but to call you there ...

PEGUSUS by Right(2)

There is a place that I would go --
a whimsy perhaps or pulsing draw on soul,

Yet I am not sure that mystical wings
of dream steed, here empowered
can fetch me there --
(when you said anywhere
you were not prepared for me)

So I entrance a test spin first,
an appraisal of my worth and readiness
more than gifted flight of Pegasus;
for magick is of believing, most assuredly,
and I must call on knowing.

So I perform the ancient call again --
hands folded as in Kalbadam,
mind searching for the spirit cord
that silver binds to Source and all,
fretted at that hidden spot
'tween third eye and heart pulse …

a single note -- not of earthly scale …
and he comes!

He senses my mischief --
tossing silver head and impatient forehoof,
gossamer mane asweep with stars
and watching faerie eyes …
unable to leave, as is his want,
but bound by the command --
the right that I have claimed.

"and where would we go?
is the whisper on the silent breeze.

(to be continued)


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