Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Pegasus Saga (5)

The Vale of Shernai

i do not know why I am telling of this,
or why you should believe,
for I do not -- believe that is --
but surely know …
and what else am I fore
but to see things of wonder
and share in simple ways?

trouble is -- is not simple,
nor a trouble really --
except that I will fail in the telling,
for I lack the notes to sing the song,
and colors too few,
and reach too short,
and passions but a trace of love.

but, then as now and hurry,
if you do not attend to this story,
nor draw from it worth and mirth,
it is not my spirit that will tremble
in the balance …
so choose! to continue or nay.

WARNING -- to go here is to never return!

All right! I begin.

i found him in a tree --
part of him at any rate and 'him' is but a guess.
he was not 'in the tree'

like kids stealing apples or kisses,
but one with the tree -- sort of --
only his torso was free,
except for one hand of which he had four,
and his lower parts were, well --
still merged of the tree -- naturally.

it seemed a perfect fit,
with no pain or physical rejection,
beyond his wishing to be free, of course --

he asked if i could help a bit,
which perhaps I could,
knowing I probably wouldn't see him
if i were not of the answer,
or a prayer --
perhaps i exist soas to be there,
and did and was.

so, I told him how to free himself,
and in return, since I had not asked
for boon nor pledge nor gift,
he told me a story --
better than this one sure …
the best he had to give.

He told me of
the Vale of Shernai,
and then went off to find a friend,
the reason he had come --
a silver wisp of angel
that might look like a horse to me,
but then he looked like a gnome to me,
and wasn't --

but I am drifting into other stories,
and you already know of such things --
mythical steeds, and angels,
and shape shifters and those who
drift the ether waves ..
so I will tell you of the Vale
which I have never seen,
nor had he except by accident --
'cept his 'where' aim isn't very good
judging by his marriage with a tree.

see, I can get quickly to the point.
no one can go there!

by chance or folly, my friend arrived
a whinkle ahead of his physical shell,
which is good because everything in the Vale
is poisonous and biologically sterile
by the standards of our feeble attention --
and he wisely chose to bounce
instead of discorporate,
but had glimpses enough
to be of it forever …
and now it comes to me --
and I will be of it too,
by the gifted trust of the silver one,
"ap'egal'sis" be known to thee.

(to be continued)


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