Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Pegasus Saga (8) - almost there

Pegasus by Right (8)

She was seated in a wingback chair,
fitting perhaps as I would learn,
but planned by her to swing her arms
in gesturing and applause
for what she scarcely hid within
of secret joy and expectation.

"Come -- come and sit beside me,"
she giggled in such innocence,
auburn curls and 'die for' lashes
an easy distraction from withered legs
and trailing tubes and prison bed.
She now accepted my presence --
far cry from a soft beginning
of sing along with my whistled tunes
outside her window sill.

Her tightly sealed never eyes
beheld me all too well and kind.
Oh, that I were as gallant and fair
as she would have me by fast will --
I - I who but told fun stories
and pretended to dance with her
in the golden sunbeams
of lost youth.

"I have had a dream," she whispered,
"or it has certainly captured me --
yet not a dream at all -- or vision;
but more of a viewing as on a TV screen
such as you have described.

No, no! More like a waterfall
of ever changing flowers which you love
so well and bring me often
to feel and taste and smell."

Her hands painted pictures of delight
to accentuate in frenetics
that which her halting speech
failed to express in pace
with child's heart and ancient spirit
beyond the ken
of simple men.

And I listened to her tale --
her magic dream revealed …
and will tell you of it best I can.

"There is a world," she murmured,
with shaping hands and hesitation,
as if I might not believe;
but then galloping on past
rills and furrows
of remembered thrills
and color.

"Yes," she squealed --
"I understand color now,
and am no longer afraid of lonely --
for I remember every flower,
and gypsy dress swirl,
and sunset you have ever shared.

I must let you see it too --
the world, the place -- the valley."

(to be continued) (final next)


At 1:02 AM, Blogger le Enchanteur said...

The Pegasus Saga is just magical faucon. Anyone wanting to read the complete works should check the Night Ride blogger.


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