Friday, November 04, 2005

Pegasus Sage (9) - final

Pegasus by Right (9)

There is no way to relate this telling,
without you seeing the flying, sculpting hands --
radiant apple cheeks and lily throat
pulsing with laughter above
a foam of bluish lace and folds of scarlet robe.

Alicia's mother and sister stood silent --
caught up in awe and trembling surprise,
though I had told them
that she was to tell us a story
of the color of joy.

I will simply list the factual points --
a description of what and was,
as best interpreted and flavored by my senses;
and let you fill in the emotions
and colors of the dream --
the knowing of Shernai.

It is the only world tossed between two suns such that its shades of light are always changing, caught in perpetual bright gloaming.

These stars are so far distant that their glow has not yet reached our earth.

The planet has five moons, which insure that the world's surface is never at rest, nor the days the same length, nor any atmosphere left.

The Vale is a deep rift in the center of many volcanoes which draw up an ever changing mixture of chemical soup from the planet's core.

These flows merge into six streams, that with the blending produce mixtures, compounds and molecules in endless clashes, explosions and fury.

These merge again just above the Vale into three conjoined sources of pulsing rainbow hued magma and swirling eyes of energy.

Then they fall -- pouring over the stone lip in ribbons thousands of feet high into an angry pool below.

Every twist and wave of seething movement produces a different color, some perhaps never seen on Earth.

As the moons align in different patterns above and on, the ribbons interact in tune -- even braiding and marrying in the void --forming anew chemical bonds and release of energy. As the cataracts strike the pool and rocks below, crystal spires form and shoot upward with shocking speed.

Within seconds, faerie castles build and grow with millions of facets of reflected color dance. Then they exceed the gravity balance between world and moons to collapse and dissolve into jeweled mists to be captured by the waiting moons.

Yes, the heavens there are filled with faerie dust that swirls away to the suns like veils of a dancing goddess, that caress the moons in passing in an endless symphony of creation.

I came to understand the measure
of this place and quest and prayer.
there is in Shernai nothing that is not
of color and motion and creation.
To be there for even a wink of time
would corrode and devour my body
in chemical fury most sure …

but the draw on soul and spirit
would surly shatter the frail bond
of human attention and vibration.

I have seen here on Earth
that which I might entrance as
"the Breath of God" --
but now know that I would not survive
touching the very engine --
"the Heart of God!"

Only on the pallet of an innocent child,
blind to the harsh realities of our world,
can we see …

and I would ask --
when you call forth Pegasus
and are asked to choose a journey --
where else is there to go
but to be a child again?



At 4:05 PM, Blogger Lois said...

It is finished Faucon and chapter 9 has been printed out and I now can put it in a brightly covered folder to keep on my book table beside my bed ...
I live in a 2 storey home and my open window brings in the Sea breeze on cool nights after a hot sunny day...
So what more could one want than to read at bed time the days stories of those who travel the road with me

As Robert Frost said in "The Road not Taken" (My most loved poem)

"Two roads diverged in a wood,
And I !
I took the one less travelled by
And that has made all the difference".

Lois (Muse of the Sea) 6-11-05

At 1:48 AM, Blogger le Enchanteur said...

Like Lois I have printed out the full copy faucon. The final lines are just perfect. I too would return to the innocence of childhood. I remember all too well when childhood ended and if I could just turn back the clock and feel that childhood joy I might just heal.


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