Sunday, November 13, 2005

Spring in Melbourne Town

Spring is here in my town
It is when the oaks,plane and the poplars
All spread forth in their green gowns
Not all at once!
It is if they take it in turns
A litle here,a little there
Until a green mass spreads across the park

The hydranges sprout green shiny leaves
The roses of red ,orange,white,pink, and yellow
Burst open if only for a few days
Until a north wind makes them sad
Then the rain followed by the wind add to their demise

The lemon tree is lush with foliage
Blossom so sweet to smell in the evening
Tiny fruits hanging on tightly
They will not all survive
I will find many many in the buffalo grass as the days go by.
But as my tree nears 70 it has a new lease of life
I ask myself Why is this so?
Perhaps it is because ,
I love it so,tend to it every day,and realise like me it wants
to stay in the familiar home where it has lived all its long life..

Spring brings people out
To sit at small cafes nestled beside the pier
Large cruise ships tie up at the docks
Tourists visit the city to see some of the sites of Melbourne
They stay for only one day
I say to myself ...
"How can you see a beautiful city in such a short time"

Spring sends forth all those little plants and seedlings
That have lain dormant in winter and autumn,they break
through the soil, lawn clippings and leaves
To tell us "We are here" "Take notice of us".
The days are longer and it is still light when bed time
beckons to little ones to come in
But they say...."t is not yet dark can we stay out longer and play"
Mothers relent ...after all it is Daylight Savings time in Melbourne Town...
My Place,my City,My Lemuria ...I love the Spring.

Lois (Muse of the Sea) 13/11/05


At 8:41 AM, Blogger Vi Jones said...

Oh, Lois, you paint such beauty in words. Let's see, I could hop a plane and be there in how many hours? Soon enough to see
The hydranges sprout green shiny leaves
The roses of red ,orange,white,pink, and yellow
Burst open if only for a few days

Oh, how I wish upon a dream.


At 10:40 PM, Blogger Leonie Bryant said...

A lovely picture! I love Melbourne. I grew up in the Mallee in Northern Victoria and have lived here since 1957. I love the climate and can appreciate all that you say.

At 2:04 AM, Blogger le Enchanteur said...

Magnificent Lois. You have captured so much of the smaller detail and describe the Melbourne I know and love.

At 2:23 AM, Blogger Gail Kavanagh said...

Beautiful, Lois, you brought the whole scene alive - Spring is a glorious time.


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