Thursday, September 07, 2006

"Looking Back to July 10th 2006"

This week I was reminded of a Little Gypsy Caravan
Neighbours of mine Margaret and Ian came home with a caravan
Not just any caravan ,but a little pop top van
Just big enough for two
Coloured white and blue
They pulled it behind their ute (Holden Utility)
An Australian invention I am informed is the ute
I maybe wrong
It was first used by farmers who cut down a car
welded on a metal carry section for transporting hay etc.
and that was how the "Ute" was born

When I saw my neigbours pull into their driveway
I was immediately reminded of that "Little Gypsy Caravan"
Do you remember ,the one I gave to the Gypsies
on that day in July 2006
They had a party to celebrate
They contact me from time to time
just to let me know how its going
Still painted red and orange
and still being pulled by their horses

They tell me there are no leakes in the roof
no problems with the wheels
no maintenance needed except a bit of grease from time to time on them
and the horses (2) love it because it is so light to pull.
They tell me they can take it anywhere ,over rocky roads,
up steep hills,even crossing small streams and rickity bridges
As you know Gypsies are only small so they can fit 3 or 4 in the little van.
They pull up every night ,make a camp fire,have a hearty meal
retire to bed and thank their ancestors for the life they lead

I called my little van "Faraway"
The Gypsies have renamed it "Romanyi"
I like that !
Now as I look sadly ,and a little teary eyed at my neighbours
going away in their little pop-top van
I am wishing it was me once again
But...I pull myself together and say to Jessie Dog
"What grand times we had together you and I"
In that little van we gave to the Gypsies

I must be strong and say to myself
It was grand while it lasted
- it was our little piece of heaven
But we all must move on
And wave goodbye to others much younger that us
who can enjoy the magical voyages we once had
Life is full of events that bring up memories
Or as Le Enchanteur might say
Lois, Sweet Pea " Its Syncronicity".
Or maybe Margaret and Ian are just trying
to get back to enjoying the simple things in life
Camping and travelling in a little Gypsy Caravan
has got to be one of life's great journeys

Lois(Muse of the Sea) 8th Sept 2006.


At 8:02 PM, Blogger Gail Kavanagh said...

How true and lovely this is, Lois - my travelling days are over, but I still remember opening the caravan door onto a dewy dawn and a wakening landscape.

At 4:09 PM, Blogger Lois said...

Now Gail none of will have me weeping a tear of regret for times past,loved,long gone perhaps never to return.....Maybe only those who have camped/caravaned could share share our sentiments
My Bro John and Wife Wendy called in at the weekend ,back from 4 months in Queensland ,They have a Caravan 30 ft long with all mod cons inc toilet and shower...not anything like my little Faraway which was only 10ft long ...butI would not have swapped those few years I had in my little piece of heavan...

Ah to dream ..Lois.10.9.06

At 5:58 AM, Blogger Heather Blakey said...

just charming Lois. Alas our days of camping are over too. There is nothing quite like tent life and the smell of the sea, going to sleep while the sea sings its lullaby.


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