Tuesday, October 17, 2006

SeaMuse Grove

There is a vacant spot near the Manor House
where the trails split to the Abbey
and Enchanted Forest that would be perfect
for a special grove of trees,
planted for Lois who guards their spirit.

I will have a cart of spriglings here
at the Gypsy Camp the morrow --
where each friend can select their favorite
and transport it to the grove for investiture.

What say you? I have in my Fitz cart:

alders, firs and lemon trees --
aspens and cedars and a jacaranda --
Mimosa, walnut and sycamore too,
and a Sequoia set aside for for life.

If you don't see what you need,
just whisper to Cher-Lynn
and it will be so --
and plant for Lois a memory
and prayer,
and a place of comfort
for you and me.



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