Tuesday, November 14, 2006

divining the divine

Hello, gypsy friends.......tis I, Tambouree, and here is my reading, nut shell, nut meat, and cracked open to say as much as I would have. I hear the low rattle of dried rattlesnake shakers and the violin raising it voice to say I am on the cusp of major change and wanting to fall in love with my life all over again.

whose skirts are swirling to "Take Me To The River"

Knight of Cups - Reversed in the Cover position.Indicates the querent in relationship to the present situation.The Knight of Cups reversed is warning you about an untrustworthy man in your life. He is idle, selfish, and incapable of telling the truth.

Queen of Discs in the Cross position.Represents the positive forces or assets in the querent's favor. If this card should happen to be a negative card, it indicates the nature of an obstacles that is hindering progress. (The card in this position is always interpreted in its upright manner.)She is strong and independent, practical, and very fond of good food, clothes, possessions, and pleasure. She can be a good friend when it suits her, but she is capable of using others for her own ends.

The Knight of Discs in the Beneath position.Can be viewed as a message from the "higher self." It can also reflect the querent's potential aspirations.The Knight of Discs may appear in your life in the shape of a young man who will set for you an example of the virtues of hard work, patience, and gentleness. As a friend or a lover he is faithful and dependable. He is, however, rather intolerant of impractical people.

Knight of Wands in the Crown position.Represents past events and influences that color and give rise to the current situation.The Knight of Wands loves a challenge and is virtually fearless, thriving on the stimulation of danger and risk. The Knight is a warm, generous, loveable character who makes a wise and loyal friend, though his temper is quick to flare up if he thinks anyone is abusing his generosity.

6 of Wands - Reversed in the Behind position.Represents the preoccupation of the subconscious which filters into waking life, affecting moods and outlook. This is the underlying theme of dreams and the emotional undercurrent in the querent's life.The Six of Wands reversed in your spread indicates that you will receive some bad news.

The Wheel in the Before position.Represents the state of the querent's relationships with others.This card indicates that the wind of change is blowing, but the seeming sudden changes that occur come as the results of past efforts - whether for good or ill - though they will lead to a new phase in your life when you will grow enormously. It calls upon you to be sensitive to the ebb and flow of the cycles surrounding you. Things don't always happen when we want them to, but instead when it is their season.

Death in the Self position.Indicates the querent's psychological state and attitudes which can greatly affect the outcome of the matter.This card does not presage a physical death but, like the harvest, marks the end of a cycle in which the seeds of a new one are sown. The card indicates a time of adjustment and mourning, a suspension between the old stage and the new. On a higher level, the Death card can indicate a re-evaluation of your life and a change in your consciousness.

10 of Discs - Reversed in the House position.Represents the querent's environment and unseen forces influencing the situation.The Ten of Discs reversed is warning you that you have become stuck in a rut without realizing it. Wake up and seek new challenges!

3 of Swords in the Hopes position.Indicates the hopes and fears of the querent.The Three of Swords indicates that things have reached rock bottom. Your life is taken up with quarrels and upheavals.

6 of Cups in the Outcome position.Indicates the outcome of the matter.You are trying to escape into the past, which you are remembering as happy and beautiful. Instead of wallowing in nostalgia, use the knowledge you have gained from the past to realize your ambitions in the present.

River breezes,


At 9:15 PM, Blogger Gail Kavanagh said...

Sounds like a dynamic reading, Tambouree - has it helped you?

At 3:53 PM, Blogger Lois said...

Yes Gail I was about to ask the same question....if it works for you Tambouree I am willing to give it my best.
Lois(muse of the sea)16.11.06


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