Monday, November 13, 2006

Strangers of welcome and glad

The fire is beyond caring;
both as a task for the two Gypsies till awake,
and for the spirit of embers signing –
knowing it has done its job well –
and invitation offered, met and cherished –

“I understand that strangers will soon arrive,
yet never strangers to passion, dance and fire.”

“Aye – the crones are already foraging for information
that their profound divinations might prevail,
and the maidens are playing at bangles and beads.”

“A bit more wine, my friend, and you will be a poet;
but you might just rosin up yer bow
in case music be what they need.”

“Oh, they will all dance – as well they must,
and our tunes are just an excuse –
they come because they hear a finer tune
plucked on the harp of creation.”

“What can we do then to ease their search?”

“methinks to start a pot of stone soup
to which each may add something of their choosing,
and all might share of the joining.”

“and I will instruct that firewood be gather from afar,
such that these newcomers might easily add to the fire
of fall and found close at hand. There is nothing compared
to bring the child out than to add a gift to the fire.”

“and you again might stumble about,
that they can teach you a step or two of dance,
though I have seen your heels touch the clouds.”

“and you might just sit silent beneath the oak
that they might come and learn of silence too,
and know that the space between the notes,
and hesitation of a falling leaf
is also a dance.”

“Aye, we will be ready …”


At 9:43 PM, Blogger Ru said...


You have created quite the inviting scene. I've gathered my basket of twigs along the way. I hope they'll help to get the fire started ~ I can hardly wait for for the fiddles to begin!

~ Ru


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