Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Happy Birthday, Vi

Gypsies dance because:

In spite of its worries,
In spite of its fears,
In spite of its sorrows,
In spite of its tears,
In spite of its heartaches,
In spite of its woes -
Life is just beautiful,
So dance on your toes.

The image is from the website of the touring New Zealand Gypsy Fair.


At 6:15 AM, Blogger Lois said...

I like the look of those New Zealand Gypsies Gail...not too young or thin or scantily dressed ,but in colours so bright,flowing skirts and ruffled blouses one could but be happy to dance .
I think much is missed today without the times when we had many barn dances and pride of erin those where hands were held and we passed from one to another
I don't think line dancing is as friendly as the dancing of old.....Lois 29.11.06

At 7:30 AM, Blogger Vi Jones said...

Thank you, Gail, I'm doing just that... dancing on my toes. As long as there is music and dance, color and artists, writers and readers, life is bountiful.

Love, Vi

At 7:26 AM, Anonymous PaBLoNaTuRaL said...

I'm not a Gypsy, I'm a gadjo dilo but I love World's Cultures...

I was knowning it little by littler because a Gypsy(or Originally, Romá or Romanyi) Culture is so rich... with many "Bari baxt" for everybody, Gypsy or Gadjo!

I've bit Gypsy person, where they had a 1st Gypsy Program in Amerika... This program is named "Amaro Glaso"
Them like me are living in Argentina and they're so gentle and with many more of Humility...
A few days ago behind, We're in a event named "Fiesta de la Hermandad", with many stands of many people and cultures(inmigrants, refugees, descendents ex-inmigrants and other ong, cultural fundations)beetwen these, Amaro Glasó was so present and I helped them... Because, since they can know, many people escaping with "Gypsy presence" but I'm not unjust. They are not "thieving", because they spread the gypsy culture and all the discrimination and suffering for the inhuman ignorancia anti-cultural or that they themselves suffered in own meat(like many many other cultures or persons)!

This bad system have to change, many people need to be hear so much and I'm on that way...(it's integration in hospital or education as cultural basic and knowledge about Romanyi People, about Indian, Afrikan, Muslim, Ivrits, Blacks, Slavic, Lovari, Harane, Kalé, Rumanians or all you can to want for other possible real humanity)

Excuse me for that so long words and Thank you a lot for this space!

Baxt, Sastimós, Slobenzja Phrale Romá!
Te aven Baxtalé... Devlesa...

From Latin Amerika, Buenos Aires, Argentina...



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