Thursday, August 18, 2005

A night in a gypsy caravan

It was already dark but it did not matter for I knew from a good source gypsies like to dance and drink and party thru out the night. As I made my way thru the vegetation I heard music and laughter. Curiously I kept walking feeling the enchantment of the music take over my body. I could not resist anymore and ran as fast as I could to get there and be part of that rhythm.

Once there a man greeted me smiling and dancing. At that moment I lost control of my whole body and dance. I remembered the basic movements I learned in my belly dancing classes and put them in practice. They came naturally like they were responding to the music. Suddenly, women of all ages surrounded me and accompany me in my dance. One started chanting another took a sword and dance with it. All of the sudden we were all moving as one.

Everyone was happy and danced with pleasure and joy. The music lasted for hours and at last I stopped exhausted hardly breathing. But still I felt so content with myself for I had needed that for a long time.

I sat down on top of some cushions catching my breath and clapping to the children that were still dancing. My daughter will have loved this; after all she has a gypsy name, Versaly.

A woman of dark hair stood in front of me. She was smiling, her eyes were mysterious and looked at me as if they were about to enchant me. I smiled back waiting for her to say a word but instead she offered me her hand. With out any questions I took it for I felt that she could be trusted. She helped me get up and we walked through the dancing crowd, the gypsy woman still holding my hand tightly.

A tent was in front of us, a red glamorous tent. We entered it and she told me to sit on some cushions that were lying on the carpet floor. A small table was in front of us. She sat on the other side of the table. Some tarot cards, incense and a red rose were the only things on the wooden table.

“Give me your hand.” She said. I figure she was one of those women who read palms and I gave her my hand.

She studied it quietly looking at it with detail. “A long life.” I felt joyful.

“Love!” That I have.

“But why?” She asked and I looked at her in dismay.

“Why what?” I asked back, even thou I knew it was not polite to answer a question with another question. But since I didn’t knew what was the question about I simply figure it was appropriate.
“You tend to see your future projects so far away, like they will take an eternity to come to be.”

She was right. I always see them like they are so far away they turn out to be only desires that I can not have.

“Even thou you have a strong faith on God, you still are not letting him do the work for you.” She moved closer. “See your projects nearer every time you think of them. This will help you reach them and to help you fulfill yourself. They are making you get stock in life and not advance. Feel them nearer and they will come to pass. When you want something close your eyes and pray. Look at them as if they were in front of you, take them with your hand, and make them part of you as if they are happening in that exact moment. This will give you the confidence you need to make your dreams a reality.”

I smiled feeling more peaceful and astonished with her words. She kept looking at my hand a little longer. “Hmm.” She looked at me.

“Your center of stress is your throat that is why you loose your voice when you are challenge with important things.”

I touched my throat realizing her words and understanding it. I have worked my throat to much. I will need to find a way to channel my stress away from it.

Suddenly, her face had an awkward look to it like she was worried or something. But she smiled immediately. Then she let go of my hand and said firmly:

“That is all for today.”

“There is nothing of my future you can tell me?”

“What needs to be reveal know, was. When you come back here next time, I will tell you what you need to know then. For know that is all.” She took the red rose and offered it to me. I took it a little disappointed but smelled it sweet aroma. I was perplexed and since I don’t like to argue much I took that as a final answer. I stood up and walked towards the entrance of the tent. When I was about to live she said:

“The future looks bright. Things are coming to you, big things. They are just around the corner and you must prepare for them.” Then, just like that she was silent once again.

“Thank you.” She made a nod.

I exited the tent thinking of those last words the gypsy woman had told me. The future is just around the corner and I have to be prepared for it. From a near by table I took a bottle of red wine and a glass. I sat near the fire camp and lay on a carpet full of feather cushions.

“What may come, will come, of that I am certain. But for know I will enjoy this night, tomorrow I will worry of the future.” I said to myself smelling the rose again.

I stared at the stars above me smiling and taking a sip of wine. It is surely the drink of the gods and that night I, a mere mortal, was going drink like one and let my body be seduced by it.


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At 10:25 PM, Blogger Gail Kavanagh said...

I meant to comment on your beautiful image as well, Alexandra, so I thought I may as well do it all in one post. All those rich, character filled faces - it's a real pleasure to look at.
And that was a wonderful reading - I hope your visit to the gypsy camp inspires you to post more of your writing here.


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