Saturday, August 20, 2005

A Song for Faucon and Lady Emerys

This song is composed by Tim Wheater and lyrics by Stuart Wilde and sung by Cecilia

Through dawn's mist a ray of golden light.
Across the lake, two swans matched in flight.
Wing to wing, they glide together,
Joined in love and bound forever.
Fly the air, let us soar to mountains high.
Live with faith and ask not why.
Ride the wind, life befriends all those who dare.
Hold the thought, have not a care.
Embrace your love
express your heart
with every breath you take.
Those gilded wings so full of grace and might.
You wrap me in your feathers pure and white.
You teach my soul of many hidden things.
Prepare me for all that life will bring.
This song is my gift for your wedding celebration. I shall dance with you on this day.


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