Monday, October 31, 2005


Coral is afraid no one will recognize them
if they come to the party in costume. A discussion
revealed that they think everyone will pretend
not to recognize them, and then they won't know who
anyone is.

Jade suggested that they ask the donkeys
who probably won't be fooled -- Fran??

Anyway, her is the costumes for the girls,
which they made for themselves (mostly).

'quoise -- is the Jolly Green Giant in green leotards
and sweatshirt, with a "can" made from a large grocery bag
crayoned to look like green beens.
We still haven't figured out what to put on her head

Jade -- she was most insistent on something based on the song
"with her head beneath her arms". I had saved this piece of silvery foam
packing material which I cut and punched holes in.
Jade stitched it together with string to make a "T-Tunic"
large enough for her. Then she has a hood made form a
thrift store black shawl with a pumpkin mask. Then she has a "head"
made from a soccerball with a human mask over it,
and a huge axe made of cardboard. I don't know how she will
carry any candy she gets, but it doesn't seem to matter.

Coral -- she wanted to be a fairy and found a little girl's
ballet costume with a frilly tutu at the thrift store.
Wings were a problem (for me). 'quoise pointed out
that when Coral uses her crutches (not often) she sometimes
plays like flying. Ah-ha! We fastened some plastic window screen
to the crutches after spraypainting them purple, which flutters
around when she waves her crutches. She looks more like a
violet butterfly and is dangerous to anyone within six feet, but OK.

Me?? a sea monster. What else.



At 5:17 AM, Blogger faucon of Sakin'el said...

I'll be the one in a portly gladiator get up. I'll ditch the
sword when we dance, though.


At 6:57 AM, Blogger Fran said...

The girls may be sure that the Donkeys will know and all of the guests are friends. You will see the sea monster dance with the gladiator and the girls all dancing their own dances just as the Secretary does her dance on the two crossed swords and the quiet stranger dances with the dragon. The Gypsy King will have the band play and all of the girls will sing with us. The Secretary

At 3:06 PM, Blogger Gail Kavanagh said...

I will be the one dressed as a pirate wench in a red dress and a black bandanna round my head. I'm still trying to make up my mind over the eyepatch.

At 10:59 PM, Blogger Imogen Crest said...

What a dance! Anyone going to make a pic to show all of this wonder?

At 12:17 PM, Blogger Heather Blakey said...

I will be the one in the punk outfit with all the chain mail clinking. I always told my son I would out do him in the end.


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