Friday, October 21, 2005

Augustus and Moonbeam in Court

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Augustus and Moonbeam have been called to present themselves before the court. Judging by the looks on the faces of everyone I am not sure if their altercation with Bamboodle has won them such praise from their peers.


At 7:58 AM, Blogger Vi Jones said...

Uh ... are they in trouble? For what? St. George slayed a dragon and went down in history as a hero. Moonbeam and Augustus didn't slay a dragon, they disposed of her in a much more humane manner. Bamboodle lives to scare yet another day. She's going to stay away from the donkey crowd though and start eating corn flakes for breakfast.


At 9:52 AM, Blogger faucon of Sakin'el said...

What? In western towns they have mock hold-ups and shoot-outs for entertainment. I thought Bamboozle was on the payroll.


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